Lightstone Properties Ltd is a privately owned property company that aims to combine the best aspects of fund management with the entrepreneurial flair of a property company. In practice this means that we combine a robust research and analysis process with the ability to do more complex deals, to use debt and to trade regularly. Most of our investors work in commercial property and they bring hundreds of years of combined experience which strengthens our expertise.

Lightstone is an opportunity driven investor. We are specialists in the automotive sector and we also invest in all the mainstream sectors.

We aim to acquire assets where a low risk ‘base case’ scenario produces returns in excess of our target but which offer significant upside potential over and above that. Typically that upside takes the form of working with our tenants to regear leases and add value at the same time as helping them to achieve their own aims. This works particularly well in the automotive sector where our knowledge of the franchise system and contacts with both the manufacturers and a large number of dealership groups enables us to put together ‘win win’ asset management deals which add value for all parties.

Lightstone typically invests in joint venture with other larger investors and our partners include pension funds, property companies and individuals. We source the investments, often off-market, and provide an investment management service for the life of the joint venture, working to ensure we achieve pre-agreed aims. In addition to our share of the returns we receive a performance fee if we exceed agreed return targets. We can tailor our reporting to the needs of our partners enabling them to be entirely passive or to take a more active role in decision making if they so choose. We also recognise that it is not always possible to execute your original business plan and rather than doggedly trying to achieve our original aim, we will adjust our strategy if required to suit the changing needs of our tenants and the wider market and ensure that we still achieve our target returns.